Updated CCRHL Rulebook

by Tyler Fitch

The updated CCRHL rulebook is now available for all stakeholders of the CCRHL. 



  • Overtime Procedure – 8 minutes is now the reference point as opposed to 10 to encourage more games that are finished in overtime and less by shootout.
  • Rec League Run Time – the losing team may request run time at their own discretion if they satisfy the requirements for run time to be in place. 
  • Expiry of Penalty during Run Time – the player must now wait until the game has resumed to leave the box. 
  • Faceoff Location after Powerplay & Icing – If the team that is set to receive a powerplay ices the puck, the ensuing faceoff is now taken outside the zone at the nearest neutral zone faceoff location on the bench side.
  • Incidental Contact – The referee may disallow a goal while not calling goaltender interference for “incidental contact”. 
  • Kneeing – The Hockey Canada rulebook previously adopted a minimum double minor penalty for Kneeing, which has been adopted by this league.  
  • Head Contact & High Sticking – Continuing from Summer 2022, referees in the competitive divisions may use their discretion to call a minor penalty for high sticking in lieu of a double minor for head contact.
  • Delay of Game re: Roster – In an effort to increase consistency, a delay of game penalty will be assessed for teams that have not handed in their roster to the referee or timekeeper prior to the end of the warmup clock. A reminder that players can still sign in during intermissions, so please ensure you get the roster in straight away and any latecomers can sign in after.
  • Net Off Moorings – The referee should use judgment to determine if the net being off its moorings when a goal was scored impacted the play and are empowered to make a logical decision on whether to award the goal or not.