Rogers Place Finals Ticket Offer

After a great regular season, we’re thrilled to team up once again with the Oilers and host some CCRHL final and city-finals games at Rogers Place!

But...we need your help! For the CCRHL to host these games, we need to help the Oilers and Oil Kings pack Rogers Place as they go down the stretch!

The more tickets we sell, the more ice slots that will be available to us to use for finals and city-finals games!

As your team hits certain thresholds with the value of tickets sold, you will also receive a reward* of:

  • Bronze Tier ($1000) - $100 bonus towards Oilers or Oil Kings Tickets
  • Silver Tier ($1750) - $250 bonus towards Oilers or Oil Kings Tickets
  • Gold Tier** ($2500) - $500 bonus towards Oilers or Oil Kings Tickets

Teams that finish at the top of the leaderboard will get first priority for Rogers Place games if they're still in the playoffs. If they have been eliminated, they will receive the first right of refusal on Rogers Place slots next season.

Oilers Tickets

Oil Kings Tickets

The deadline for this offer is March 31 at 11:59 PM!

To purchase tickets you must first enter a promo code. The promo code is your team name in one word. The first letter of each word is CAPITALIZED. Below are some examples:

  • (Original Team Name - PromoCode).
  • Alberta Genuine Danglers - AlbertaGenuineDanglers
  • Blades of Steel - BladesOfSteel
  • ENC - ENC
  • Tropics (Beaudoin) - TropicsBeaudoin
  • 66ersII - 66ersII

*One reward tier can be reached per team

**Gold tier is limited to the first ten teams to reach the threshold