BeaversHC POHO Arian Sweet Retires

by Tyler Fitch

BeaversHC POHO Arian Sweet has announced his retirement after a long and successful career leading BeaversHC. Jeff Yopyk and Shaun Green will lead the BeaversHC moving forward as President and Associate President of Hockey Operations respectively. 

The BeaversHC legend has reflected on some of his favourite moments in recent memory, including winning the championship in 2018 with both Beaver teams after six seasons. The team forced a Game 3 on Sunday night to keep the dream of another championship alive. 

Reflecting on some great memories, Sweet also referenced playing in the Alzheimer's Pro-Am with alumni and some great CCRHL friends and, most importantly, playing for a great cause. 

Sweet also added "Just an incredible thank you to the CCRHL staff and refs. It’s been a great decade. Thanks for all the memories, opportunities to relive glory [sic] and all the friends I have made along the way."